Contemporary dance is an art form reflective of today's ever changing world. Contemporary dance examines the choreographic and performing process. It draws on modern dance techniques and an array of still developing philosophies of movement based on the study of the human body and body/mind interrelationships.

These classes are designed for dancers 8 years old and up. Dancers are challenged in their own dance-making by expanding their repertoire through learning compositions and choreography. The art of dance improvisation is key to the student's development and learning, and is held at the heart of this work. The element of improv is used as a tool in creating new, innovative, student driven dance.


These classes offer an environment conducive to young boys and their unique style of moving. High in energy and drawing from boy's interests we will explore movement that will provide adventurous experiences in dance.


The Integrated Dance Class is a unique dance class that brings together young people with unique talents and abilities. This class is designed to be accessible to a wide range of abilities and disabilities and remain challenging and fun for all. Special needs youth take class with dance students from the FadaDance School and Youth Companies without the involvement of a teacher aid.   It is a unique opportunity for youth with various type of challenges to interact and dance just like anyone else. A truly special group!

This dance year the Integrated Dance class will be offered as a sessional from January to March, 2018.  Please check the FadaDance Website closer to the class for exact dates.

Ages 15+

Contemporary Dance for youth (8 year olds +):

Class Age
Contemporary 1 8 yrs
Contemporary 2 9 yrs
Contemporary 2 Boys 9 yrs
Contemporary 3 10 yrs
Contemporary 3B 10 yrs
Contemporary 4-Boys 10 - 11 yrs
Contemporary 4 11 yrs
Contemporary 4B 11 yrs
Contemporary 5 12 yrs
Contemporary 6 Boys 13 - 14 yrs
Contemporary 6 13 - 14 yrs
Contemporary 6B 13 - 14 yrs
Contemporary 7 15 - 16 yrs
Contemporary 8 17 - 18 yrs
Contemporary 9 17 - 22 yrs


Our youth technique classes emphasize strength, flexibility, coordination, good posture, muscle toning, & musicality. Barre, floor barre, center work, and movement combinations are all part of tech class. The class will incorporate various approaches to dance conditioning to improve strength, flexibility, and alignment.

By the time dancers turn 8 years in age we strongly recommend they begin technique class. 

Classes are offered in a relaxed and supportive learning environment, nurturing a personal sense of well-being.

  • For ages 8-10 tech is strongly advised and completely encouraged.
  • For ages 11 and older tech is mandatory in addition to a dancers’ contemporary class (unless you have permission from the teacher or AD of school).

Current students are informed of their level of Technique class to take.  For new students, please contact Misty at or Heather to discuss what level of Technique class is appropriate for your child.