WEE FOLK Sessional Dance classes

These are NOT full year classes like all other FadaDance classes.  Each class session will be six weeks, one session will be offered in fall 2018 and one in spring 2019.  The dates are as follows:

Fall 2018:
October 16 to November 20 = six classes

Spring 2019:
March 5 to April 9 = six classes

There are two Wee Folks classes in each session.

Wee Folk:  2 &3 year olds (Accompanied by a parent / caregiver)
"It is a happy talent to know how to play." - Ralph Waldo Emerson  

The 6 week session is a teacher-guided, child-inspired imaginary play with a focus on physical exploration. Using seasonal songs, stories, rhythm and rhyme, the session is a gentle reminder about the pleasure of creative play.

3 &4 year olds (Able to attend class without parent / caregiver)
"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning." - Mr. Rogers

The 6 week session is a teacher-guided, child-inspired imaginary play with a focus on physical exploration. Using seasonal songs, storytelling, rhythm and rhyme, the session is a gentle transition for those still learning how to navigate in a bigger creative world.

CREATIVE DANCE for 3-7 year olds

As young dancers, students begin to discover the dance within themselves through exploration of their natural movement. Dancers become aware of the basic dance concepts including levels, pathways, directions, tempo, rhythm, shape, balance, and dynamics. The dancers will build their movement vocabulary whilst developing an understanding of body alignment and awareness. Various dance styles are explored in the context of stories, composition, rhythm, music, and art.

FadaDance’s creative dance program is designed for young dancers 3-7 years in age.  Our dance year begins in mid-September and runs until the end of May.  Our 3 and 4 year old classes run until approximately the end of April.

DANCE 3, 3B, 4 & 4B
Children develop skills of body awareness, loco-motor movement, cooperating with others, and following directions. The material is presented in a fun-filled constructive atmosphere.

These classes will begin in Mid-September and run until the end of April.  The class culminates in a dance share where young dancers and parents will take part in a collaborative dance experience and dancers will share some of their work with a small audience.

Dance 3, Dance 3B, Dance 4 and Dance 4B will NOT be in the year end show.

(Please note that children must be toilet trained to enter these classes.)

DANCE 5, 5B, 6, 6B, 7, 7B, & 7C
Children continue to discover, experiment and solve movement problems while increasing a deeper understanding of themselves as dancers. Children will explore creating dances and combining movements. These classes develop basic dance concepts and increase skills through autonomous and collective dance.

Creative Dance Offerings for 2017-2018 Dance Season:

  • Wee Folk 2-3   Fall Sessional- 6 weeks
  • Wee Folk 3-4   Fall Sessional- 6 weeks
  • Wee Folk 2-3   Winter Sessional- 6 weeks
  • Wee Folk 3-4   Winter Sessional- 6 weeks
  • Dance 3                      
  • Dance 3B        
  • Dance 4                      
  • Dance 4B        
  • Dance 5                     
  • Dance 5B        
  • Dance 6                      
  • Dance 6B                     
  • Dance 7                                  
  • Dance 7B        

The “levels” of these creative dance classes correspond with a dancer’s age. For example Dance 5 & Dance 5B are for 5 year olds. Dancers must be the correct age by October 31st of each year to be eligible for the class.