• Misty Wensel

    Misty Wensel is a collaborator, dancer and choreographer with the innovative and whimsical FadaDance troupe. Dancing with this trio feeds her creative spirit and nurtures her life, while affording her the opportunity to create hilarious, surprising and breathtaking works of contemporary dance.

    Misty, a University of Regina graduate with a B. Ed in Arts Education, majoring in Dance, has been sharing her craft with students and peers for over a decade. In 2004, Misty established FadaDance, a contemporary dance school, the first of its kind in Regina, SK. Since then, she has had the opportunity to train and inspire dancers of all ages, while creating a platform for her troupe and her students that is truly unique. Her work with the troupe and the youth company of FadaDance has taken her to stages, festivals and workshops across Canada, and as far as Jamaica and Brazil. Her art is her life’s work, and after ten years of working as a high school drama and arts educator, Misty now has the freedom to focus completely on the FadaDance revolution. Her love of boundary-pushing creative dance is infectious and exciting.
    As a solo artist, Misty has become recognized for her ability to fuse Kathak into an original breed of contemporary work. Currently she is refining this body of Kathak-influenced work in collaboration with Joanna De Souza of M-Do/Toronto Tabla Ensemble.

  • Heather Cameron

    Heather devotes her life to teaching, dancing and choreographing contemporary dance. In 2005 she completed, with distinction, a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University, Montreal. Upon graduation she traveled to Germany to present her quirky and theatrical one-woman show, Boney Bones, at Arena, an international festival of dance and theatre.

    A prairie gal at heart, Heather returned to the plains to join the revolution know as FadaDance. The last 6 years of her life have been focused on developing the creativity and technique of both male and female dancers from the ages of 4 to 40, and, of course, creating with the professional company, The FadaDance Troupe.

    The few rare moments when Heather isn't involved in some sort of FadaDance mischief, you can find her teaching at the Globe Theatre School or working with students through the Regina Public Schools CREATE program. She also has a constant hankering to collaborate with other multidisciplinary artists. Her most recent cross-discipline collaboration, Honey on Wallpaper, was performed in 2011 at Regina's Globe Theatre in collaboration with Shaunna Dunn (Visual Artist) and Jeff Mortin (Sound Artist).

    Heather thrives on living wholesome lifestyle where "living life" and "creating art" are inseparable and indistinguishable activities. She believes that her roll of as an artist is akin to that of an explorer: they exist to venture, play, illuminate, delight and inspire.

  • Fran Gilboy

    Fran has been an instructor/choreographer of both dance and yoga with FadaDance , since it's inception in 2004. She believes that incorporating yoga and meditation practices in the studio helps dancers focus their attention on their bodies and assists in quieting busy minds, thus enabling students to be fully present and authentic in the unfolding of their creative selves.

    Fran teaches technique dance classes where strength and flexibility are the focus. The classes are built on a variety of body trainings, which gear the dancer towards developing a healthy, happy body. She also teaches creative dance to the older contingent of Y chromosomes at the studio and offers a Mindful Yoga class once a week to the public, where long held postures and keeping an "explorer's mind" is key!

    Her yoga trainings include: Receiving her yoga teacher certification in 2003 in Val Morin, Quebec; Completed an 18 month course in Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre; Received her Level 1 certification from Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe N.M with Tias Little, and is currently enrolled in The Community Dharma Leader Program through Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in Woodacre, CA.

  • Meredith LaRocque

    Meredith studied Modern and Contemporary dance for eight years at the Conservatory of Performing Arts at the University of Regina.  Using her expertise, Meredith was selected as an Artist in Residence for three years teaching in five different schools in Melville, Saskatchewan.  She has been involved in several Arts Smarts School projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan and taught in the Young Children’s Program at the Conservatory of Performing Arts for five years.  Meredith currently works predominantly with Early Childhood and teaches at the Early Learning Centre- a unique preschool using a strong creative process foundation from the Reggio Emilia Approach.

  • Kendra Kembel

    Kendra's journey into dance began when she ignited her love of expression and movement through childhood gymnastics. In adulthood, training in Wushu Kung Fu , rock climbing and Yoga, provided her with the love of fluidity, strength and beauty that called her to dance. Kendra immersed herself in the dance world when she moved to Regina in 2004, firstly with Bellydance, then full steam ahead with Fadadance in 2005. She is thrilled to be teaching children in the Fadadance community.

  • Emily Columpsi

    Emily’s passion for dance started at an early age when she was enrolled in ballet and modern at the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan. For sixteen years Emily has trained and worked with various artists and choreographers. Her main areas of expertise are in ballet and modern, but she has also experienced many other styles of dance including jazz and flamenco. At eleven, Emily became a member of the YBCS pre-professional dance company, the only one of its kind in Saskatchewan at that time. She found that being a part of the Company extended her love, appreciation, and zeal for dance and also realized that she would love to share this passion with others. Emily is currently in her second year of university at the University of Regina in the Faculty of Education (secondary program).  Her major area of focus is in mathematics with a minor in dance education. Teaching is certainly where her heart is. Emily is thrilled to be a part of the FadaDance community and is excited to work with and inspire young dancers.

  • Hayley Pugh

    Hayley is currently in her 4th year studying International Studies and Spanish at the University of Regina, but does not neglect her passion for dance, which she is able to fully express at the FadaDance studio.

    Hayley has been a dancer/mover/shaker/head-banger for 19 years starting at the age of 4. She first trained in somersaults and ribbon-wavery, then graduated into classical Ballet, Jazz, and peppered in a few Hip Hop workshops here and there. In her high school years, she took dance classes from teacher Misty Wensel, where she developed a new appreciation for the moving arts.

    Hayley has taught at FadaDance for two years (2011-2013), and also been a student in the amazing Adult 3 class for two years. She took a year off to go to school in Argentina, where she learned Tango and brushed up on her Bachata, Merengue and Salsa skills. Volunteering in Colombia in 2011, Hayley also co-taught dance classes as part of an elementary school's curriculum. Whether she is in Regina or overseas, Hayley finds a way to bring dance into her life and loves nothing more than sharing it with others.

  • Isabella Wishlow

    Isabella Wishlow, or more commonly known as "the wild one" on the dance floor amongst the FadaDancers has been involved with FadaDance since its inception. She started dancing at "the top of the tower" in the conservatory at the ripe age of three with Meredith LaRocque, then later with Misty Wensel.

    Dance and the Child International has given Isabella amazing experiences traveling around the globe to learn more about contemporary dance. She traveled to Kingston, Jamaica in 2009, then Taipei, Taiwan in 2012 with FadaDance. These trips were truly amazing & fantastical experiences where she saw how others translate dance into their bodies. She hopes to be involved with daCi for as long as she can.

    There is nothing more in this vast world that Isabella loves more than dance. Being able to inspire wee-ones as they begin their own dance experience also puts a glowing smile on her face and in her heart.

  • Belle Brown McEwen

    Belle Brown McEwen

    Belle has been dancing with FadaDance since 2007 and is venturing into her second year of teaching dance. Her dancing has been cultivated by Misty Wensel, Heather Cameron, Fran Gilboy, and Meredith LaRocque over the past years. She has been a member of the FadaDance Senior Youth Company since its inception in 2008 and has had her own work featured in Instinctive (2013) and Moon Age Daydream (2014). Belle can often be spotted dancing in parades, Christmas parties, and down the aisles of the local grocery store. She has traveled to Taiwan and Denmark (summer 2015) to take part in Dance and the Child International conference where she performed, took workshops, and collaborated with youth from around the world. Belle's love for theatre, improvisation, and dance is ever growing. Her ambitious nature fuels her passion for teaching and choreographing. Belle is incredibly excited to share her love of dance with the wee ones!

  • Joy Taylor

    Hailing from Melfort Saskatchewan, Joy began her dance training over 16 years ago at the Melfort Dance Centre, until moving to Regina last September to complete her schooling to become a Registered Nurse. Joy is trained in jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, lyrical, tap, pointe, musical theatre/song and dance, and has completed her grade 5 CDTA ballet exam, grade 4 CDTA jazz exam and grade 2 CDTA tap exam. Throughout her years of dance, Joy has had the opportunity to attend piles of dance conventions including a week long convention in New York to dance alongside some of the most inspiring and creative dance choreographers around the world. At age 10, Joy also got to scanter across the stage with the Moscow Ballet Company to put on their Christmas special, "The Nutcracker." Joy is unbelievably excited and grateful that she gets to create & teach alongside the amazing Fada crew!

  • Madeleine Bowen-Diaz

    Madeleine Bowen-Diaz began dancing at the age of three. She began in classic ballet and then moved to Fada Dance at the age of seven where she explored creative contemporary dance. In 2013 she began choreographing pieces and setting them on her fellow dancers for the youth company show Instinctive. She has performed and participated in three Dance and the Child International conferences in Jamaica, Taiwan, and Denmark. She first found her love for teaching at the Fada Dance volunteer fundraiser summer camp and is excited to teach this year and many others.