Bah-dum-dum-ching! Ladies & Gents, for the price of a mere nickel, prepare yourself to be amazed by our jaw-droppin' BIG SHOW BIG SHOW BIG SHOW!! Come gather under the Big Top to witness the Incredible Seductions of Chaste Louise, the half-man half-woman! Enter this whoopin' heathenistic circus where women transform into men right before your blinkin' eyes! Gaze upon the Incredible Fist Eating Maiden! Burst the seams off your britches by The Hilarious Dancin' Huxter brothers! And, don't forget, Flexible Fanny's Rubber legs of Mystification...!

That's right, folks, Sideshow is a unique collection of knee-slappin', eye-poppin' dance vignettes linked together in the carnivalesque fashion of the times. Git 'er while she's HOT!!