• Heather Cameron

    Heather Cameron is a frenetic mover. Fast and jittery. Quirky. Her chorography is a cross between the quick, lethal stabs of a black widow spider and the sticky, silky, intricate web the spider methodically weaves...

    Heather is a prairie dancer, who moved to Regina in 2005 to join the revolution known as FadaDance. Prior to undertaking the revolution, she had completed her Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University (Montreal) and had travelled to Germany to present her one-woman theatrical dance show, Boney Bones, at Area, an International Festival of Dance and Theatre.

    Heather is proud to be a prairie gal; it's the grit in her bones and the foundation of her art. Her lifestyle is such that "living life" and "creating art" are inseparable and indistinguishable activities. She believes that her roll as an artist is akin to that of an explorer: to venture, play, illuminate, delight and inspire.

    Multi-disciplinary collaboration plays a key role in challenging Heather as an artist and keeping her work vital and full of life. Her most recent cross-discipline collaboration, Honey on Wallpaper, was performed in 2011 at Regina's Globe Theatre in collaboration with Shaunna Dunn (Visual Artist) and Jeff Mortin (Sound Artist). Besides her work with FadaDance, Heather has also collaborated locally with Johanna Bundon, Bill Coleman, Robin Poitras, Karen Rose and Michele Sereda.

    Thriving on diversity, Heather performs in dance, film, theatre, and as an emcee for the lecture series Chicken and Wine, The Regina Folk Festival and The Calgary Folk Festival.

  • Fran Gilboy

    Fran is a dancer first. First in a long, long line of interests and chosen vocations. We'll cover 3 in this here bio. The bio has a title. It's called: "The Delicate Balance of Being," because Fran loves words and writing and giving things titles...

    She started dancing at the age of 4 has hasn't stopped since. She trained in the traditional Russian style of Vaganova ballet. As a young girl, she attended the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Summer School and was introduced to modern dance. That was it. Her interest shifted gears as this new form of dance infused into her bones. Fast forward to her early 20's and the inception of Fadadance. Dancing with her two gorgeous cohorts brings her the greatest of joys and the style of dance that started as a shift in gears is now the vehicle that drives her creativity.

    Her early twenties also gave way to an interest in Insight Meditation and Yoga. She received her Yoga Teacher certification 9 years ago and she continues to satiate her curiosity of the inner workings of the mind and body by studying with various teachers. Her current schooling sees her predominantly at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in California, where she, in 2009, completed the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training. She was then nominated for and is currently engaged in the Community Dharma Leader Training program, also through Spirit Rock.

    The Buddhist teachings constantly inform the process, content and quality of her work, both as a dancer and as a choreographer. Inquiry around letting go, suffering, anger, aversion, desire, envy, the deep wells of joy and sorrow, the wholesome and unwholesome facets of our human selves- all of these themes permeate her work both in and out of the studio. Generally this manifests into amusing/peculiar/offbeat works of dance since she's learned that she can't really take herself all that seriously.

    Her third vocation, hairstylist, saw the recent opening of her own quaint barbershop for both ladies & gents, "Frank's". Now her clients, who are sweet and patient, stand more than half a chance of booking appointments with her! She was, once upon a time, nominated "best hairstylist in Regina" by Regina's Prairie Dog Magazine and Hawksley Workman himself flew her out to Toronto to cut his precious locks. Her lifelong love of style bleeds into her work as a dance creator as she's constantly seeking out unique costume possibilities and aesthetic directions for the troupe. She hopes that should she one day loose her ability to dance, she'll be hired on by the world with the official title: "Costume & Design Mistress of Everything, Everywhere".

  • Misty Wensel

    Misty is the founder – as well as collaborator, dancer and choreographer – of the innovative and whimsical FadaDance troupe. Dancing with this trio feeds her creative spirit and nurtures her life, while affording her the opportunity to create hilarious, surprising and breathtaking works of contemporary dance.

    Misty, a University of Regina graduate with a B. Ed in Arts Education, majoring in Dance, has been sharing her craft with students and peers for over a decade. In 2004, Misty established FadaDance, a contemporary dance school, the first of its kind in Regina, SK. Since then, she has had the opportunity to train and inspire dancers of all ages, while creating a platform for her troupe and her students that is truly unique. Her work with the troupe and the youth company of FadaDance has taken her to stages, festivals and workshops across Canada, and as far as Jamaica and Brazil. Her art is her life's work, and after ten years of working as a high school drama and arts educator, Misty now has the freedom to focus completely on the FadaDance revolution. Her love of boundary-pushing creative dance is infectious and exciting.

    As a solo artist, Misty has become recognized for her ability to fuse Kathak into an original breed of contemporary work. Currently she is refining this body of Kathak-influenced work in collaboration with Joanna De Souza of M-Do/Toronto Tabla Ensemble.